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About Me
My name is Søren, and I live in Denmark.
Official site
You might want to visit the official emacs web-site.
What's vi?
Vi is a standard UNIX editor. Versions for several operating systems can be dowloaded from the VIM site.

This page contains information about the program Emacs. I've used Emacs for several years and on several computer systems. It's is a big and very complex program, so I won't say that I'm an expert or that I know everything there is to know about Emacs, but if you just heard about Emacs, this page migth help.

First I will try to explain what Eamcs is and who needs it. Then I'll describe how to get and install Emacs. Finally I've put together an annotated list of links to Emacs resources on the net.

What is Emacs?

Most Emacs users will properly describe Emacs as an editor. Not your ordinary simple text editor like notepad og vi, but an advanced editor, especially useful for software development. All this is true, but there's more to Emacs than just editing source-code.

If someone asks me what Emacs is, I will answer that Emacs is a platform. A platform, just like the Java-platform or your favorite operating system. The Emacs platform is especially well suited for editing purposes, but can also run games, internet browsers and other applications.

Who needs Emacs?

Emacs has a steep learning curve.

Where to get Emacs

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